Children from local kindergartens and schools regularly visit our farm. Children can look at the animals up close, pat them and learn a thing or two about their breeding. In 2012, children from the Heřmánek civic association for children in Hradec Králové visited us for the first time and at this occasion we christened little donkeys, a camel and fox cubs, and the children came up with names for these animals. The donkeys were named Berta and Matylda, the camel Metoděj and the fox cubs were given the names Mecháček and Julča.

Since 2011 we have also lent certain animals to the city of Broumov for their celebration of the Three kings. Visitors of this annual event can see our llamas, donkey and sheep, for which the city of Broumov prepares suitable "stabling" in the square.

We also lent animals to a children's day event organised by the Music and Theatre S. G. Pitaš civic association in Šonov. This Indian themed children's day saw more than 200 visitors take part in it. Local breeding organisations provided crates and boxes for the animals. The children could see various species of ducks, chickens, rabbits, but also a donkey and llamas that day.

The animals are freely lent for all events and their well-being and smooth handling is a priority.

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