The Wenet Farm

Our farm is located in Broumov, not far from the town centre, near the Polish border, surrounded by the neighbouring hills, overlooking the Broumov walls, Ruprechtický špičák and the Broumov monastery.

We began breeding animals in 1995 but back then we wouldn't have even dreamed that some time in the future we would be breeding the animals we have today. It all started innocently with one emu, which stood out in the garden and was then very exotic. But after some time we felt bad that he was running around the yard all alone so we got another one, well, and that's when it began... Today, next to the Emus, you can also find Greater Rhea and African ostrich at our farm. We are also one of the largest breeders of llamas in the Czech Republic, there are llamas, guanacos and alpacas in our breeding herd. We even acquired camels for our keeping in 2008. But we also breed traditional domestic animals such as rabbits, chickens, geese, ducks and naturally also sheep.

Breeding is our great hobby and we devote practically all of our free time to it. Naturally, with it comes a lot of work but our rewards are not just animals in good condition but also new additions which warm not only our hearts but also many of the visitors' of our farm.

Our regular guests are children from local schools and kindergartens who normally come with their teachers. We have also welcomed disabled children from the Heřmánek civic association for children in Hradec Králové who spent an entire day with us to personally interact with and pat the animals and ride the ponies at the end of the day. The enthusiasm of the children and the joy in their eyes always convinces us that what we do has meaning and brings joy to others.

We believe that you are also going to become our guests and that you will be captured not only by our farm but also by the local countryside.

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