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Spolkový rejstřík u KS v HK, č. L10164

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We have teamed up with some important partners in the region. Their year-round activities are sought after and very beneficial to this region. Their year-round activities are sought after and very beneficial to this region.

Surrounding Area

Broumov and its surroundings are characterised by its diverse nature, beautiful hills and forests. Everyone, who likes nature and rocks should definitely visit the Broumov rocks and the Hvězda Chalet, with a splendid view of Broumov, take a trip to the Adrspach-Teplický Rocks, the Ostaš Rock, or the ruins of Bischofstein Castle by Teplický Rocks.
History buffs should visit the Broumov Monastery, where they can see the Turin Canvas, Vamberk mummies and other attractions. Visitors should additionally not miss out on the local churches, which can be proud of the fact that they were the masterpieces of the Dientzenhofer masters, the oldest preserved wooden church in Bohemia, the Church of the Virgin Mary in Broumov, Broumov Square with its Renaissance buildings and old Town Hall, renovated dungeon and other beautiful sites in Broumov.
The Olivětínský Brewery is also worth mentioning, where visitors can take a tour of the Brewery and sample the local beer Poland is not far from our farm, where visitors can see many attractions, forts and a diverse countryside.
The nearest swimming pool is in Meziměstí, approximately 15 km from Broumov. The Janovičky Ski Resort is not far from Broumov and offers many slopes and ski lifts.

City Broumov

Monastery in Broumov


Adršpach Rocks

Teplice Rocks

Poland-Fortress in Klodsko

Poland-Castle Ksiaz in Walbrzychu

Poland-Majestic Basilica

Poland-spa town Kudowa Zdrój


Since we consider zoos not only as very important but also beautiful places worth seeing, we have prepared for you a list of zoos in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland. The time spent in these places will definitely be a pleasant experience for you

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